Q: "I'm seeing a very sexy Scorpio guy. There's a real spark between us and sex is out of this world. But when he gets moody and possessive it's such a turn-off. Help! I don't want this to spoil things as we fancy each other like mad. I'm a Gemini."
Linda, Bristol, 27
Sociable Gemini needs plenty of breathing space and hates being pinned down, so jealousy can be the kiss of death. Scorpio is extremely erotic and intense (as you know!) and part of the package is his desire to connect deeply with you. Be sensitive to his feelings and explain you need freedom and a varied social life – show him how this actually fans the flames of passion for you. Reassure him he's the only one who presses your buttons…

Q: "I'm bored stiff with my accounts job. What career advice can you give a Sagittarius?"
Trudy, 21, Maidstone
Sagittarius thrives on adventure, variety and food for thought. A sedentary job that's all about attention to detail stifles you. Sagittarius is the sign of the teacher, and the travel business is home-from-home too. Consider all options that allow some flexibility or keep you on the move, especially outdoors.

Q: "My best friend is 30 soon. What do you buy the girl who has everything for her birthday? She’s Libra "
Amanda, Exeter, 29
Libran taste and love of beauty extends beyond material things. Buy tickets for a concert by her favourite band, or arrange a health and beauty spa session. Be sure to book yourself in to accompany her. Libra appreciates experiences much more when shared.

Q: "I’m 29 soon, and someone said I’ll have my Saturn Return – what does that mean? "
Sue, Plymouth
Every birthday celebrates the Sun returning (once a year) to where he was at birth. Saturn takes 29-30 years to return to where he was at birth. When this happens it’s an astrological coming of age, when we take responsibility and truly grow up. It can be quite a transition, but get stuck in and enjoy a major birthday party. Happy returns!

Q: " I really fancy an Aries guy; what’s the secret to attracting his attention? "
Rachel, 23 Birmingham
The secret may be as simple as being obvious! GRAB his attention…Subtle signals are lost on this dynamo… Go for a direct plan of attack without being a pushover, as he’s probably hooked on the thrill of the chase and likes to feel he’s ‘scored’. He likes his lovers hot and saucy but is protective too, so you can reveal your vulnerable side too.

Q: "My Gemini boyfriend and I have a great relationship. But when we’re out he’s such a flirt – this gets me down even though I know it’s me he loves. I’m Cancer. "
Mandy, 26
Airy Gemini is sociable, and charming – a great recipe for a flirt! This may be harmless, but is none-the-less hurtful for sensitive Cancer. Explain - as rationally as possible - how you feel. But when you’re socialising don’t let his behaviour make you seem needy and possessive. Show him how adorable you are to others and keep him on his toes.

Q: "My Libra boyfriend is loving and romantic, but he makes me take the lead all the time. I choose where we go, what we do etc ... It’s sweet, but sometimes I just want him to take charge "
Janice, 34, Guildford
Libra considers others’ wishes, yet also has an indecisive reputation. For an easy life he prefers you to take responsibility for decisions. Tactfully explain how attractive you’d find it if he asserted himself more. Ultimately he wants to please so should catch on and compromise …

Q: " My Virgo mother-in-law interferes too much. When she visits she tries to take over, including chores. She means well but I end up feeling inadequate. How do I handle her? "
Jane, 34, Swindon
Virgo likes to be useful so it’s hard for her to resist. It’ll go down well if you thank her for her help (which must be a godsend at times!), but then explain - diplomatically - how you feel. Virgo ruled by Mercury (the communicator) responds to reason, in theory…

Q: "I haven’t got the measure of my new Sagittarius workmate yet… so I’m wondering what to expect from her. She seems like a laugh. "
Janet, 28, Wimbledon
Sagittarius has a positive attitude, and a sense of fun - great for boosting morale. You can expect her to be open, spontaneous and generous; however, you may find that you end up picking up the pieces when she skips the details like deadlines or timekeeping….

Q: "I’m Capricorn and have a Gemini boss who drives me spare! She’s all over the place and never seems to finish things. She chats everyone up and charms their pants off. The trouble is I’m always covering for her, and could do her job better… "
Denise, Colchester, 33
Capricorns are born leaders who rarely cut corners and work at winning respect. Gemini gets results with interpersonal flair and sharp wits - given the opportunity she may leave duller tasks to others... For now focus your ambition on projects outside work, and aim to get job satisfaction from doing your best in your current role. Bide your time and seek your own position of authority at work: perhaps elsewhere. It’s always possible Gemini will flit off anyway… If you’ve proven yourself (and shown loyalty), you’ll be primed for promotion.

Q: " I’ve recently met a sexy Scorpio. He always seeks me out to chat, but he’s so subtle I’m not sure if he’s actually chatting me up! "
Kim, 29
Enigmatic Scorpio often keeps his feelings and intentions private. That he singles you out is a good sign. Usually Scorpio silence speaks volumes, and pauses can be loaded with erotic expression - so read his body language. Tuning into his wavelength is the way to find your answer…

Q: "My new Aquarius boyfriend pays so much attention to other people, including lots of women. Is he a love rat? "
Gail, Bournemouth, 25
Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and most Aquarians are fascinated by the human race in all its forms – including that of gorgeous females!! So don’t mistake his sociable nature for disloyalty. However, if his divided attention makes you feel neglected you’ll have to spell it out to him in the rational way he understands best.

Q: "I’m Taurus and dating a gorgeous Leo – we really enjoy ourselves but when we clash it’s a war-zone. Why?"
Emma, 33
Passionate Leo and sensual Taurus have a love of the ‘good-life’ in common; you’re likely to be a creative, sexy combination. However, in astrology terms you’re both ‘fixed’ signs so can be super-stubborn. To avoid stalemate you both must try to be flexible, and compromise….

Q: " My new Pisces flatmate is a sweetie, but she’s very messy and I’m always clearing up after her...help! "
Kim, 29
Pisces caring nature is unlimited. But it’s also the sign of the dreamer who can be disorganised. If you’re very tidy this isn’t easy to live with. Raise your concerns but tread softly as she’s likely to be a sensitive soul... She’ll hate to upset you, but don’t expect spotless perfection and her kind heart should compensate for weaker points.

Q: "I adore my hot Scorpio boyfriend. But he’s so possessive and I worry about handling this when we go on holiday with a group of mates this month. "
Kelly, 27
Scorpio is intensely private and likes to bond at a deep intimate level. Reassure him of your feelings, and passion, for him, and make sure you have some special one-to- one times together when away, as well as getting involved in the group. This will reassure him and should help keep the green-eyed monster at bay!

Q: "My best mate is Leo; she’s gorgeous, lively, and warm-hearted. We’re very close, but when our Aries friend is with us my mate plays up to her and - it sounds childish - I feel left out! I’m Taurus."
Nicky, Salford, 23
Leo makes a loyal and generous friend; she also loves the limelight, and may feel compelled to perform in front of your Aries pal. Don’t take it personally, but do talk to her - she probably has no idea she upsets you. This may help, but also be aware that when fiery Aries and Leo gel they’re bound to kick up a storm! Try to enjoy the entertainment and realise it doesn’t lessen your friendship. Remember we all approach life differently and Taurus can be a tad possessive, so watch this too.